StatoilHydro CEO at UN climate summit in NYC

CEO Helge Lund was in New York to prepare for the climate summit in Copenhagen on 7-18 December. Photo: Chris Maluszynski /

StatoilHydro’s CEO Helge Lund took part in a preliminary meeting at the UN headquarters in New York on September 22, in connection with preparations for the international climate summit in Copenhagen, writes StatoilHydro on their website.

Lund was recently appointed member of the UN expert group for climate and energy. The Norwegian energy company is the only oil company represented in the group.

The main responsibility of the group is to advise the UN secretary general om matters relating to energy that are key to the climate negotiations. The expert group consists of approximately 20 persons from different countries.

“Industry will show that it is taking its part of the responsibility to reduce emissions, and that it is important to establish a global, predictable, and long-term framework for CO2 so that the solutions that are chosen are effective and implementable,” Lund told the media lined up outside the UN Headquarters.


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