Statnett submits licence application for new interconnector to Denmark



Statnett has submitted an application to the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) for permission to establish a new interconnector across Skagerrak. Skagerrak 4 (SK4) will be the fourth such cable to Denmark. The interconnector will have a transmission capacity of 700 MW.

“It is Statnett’s assessment that this interconnector will both be environmentally friendly and strengthening reliability of supply in Norway and Denmark. A connection between the two countries will also benefit Norwegian consumers as surplus from operation will be put towards a reduction of grid tariffs in Norway,” says Statnett’s President and CEO Auke Lont.

The project is significant part of Statntt’s approach to facilitate new renewable energy in Norway. SK4 is a collaboration between Statnett and the Danish company and is scheduled to start operating in 2014.

Climate-friendly project

Europe’s emphasis on renewable energy and reduction of greenhouse gases (the 20-20-20 targets), entails major development of wind power and phasing out of coal power plants.

Denmark has an increasing share of wind power, today more than 3,000 MW, with future plans to install another 3,000 MW by 2025. Boosting the trade capacity to Norway will give Denmark the opportunity to export potential power surpluses to Norway during windy periods. Denmark will buy back power from Norway when the contribution from wind power is low. Increased trade capacity between Norway – Denmark makes it possible to both increase wind power production in Denmark, and to reduce the use of power from Danish coal power plants.

240 km interconnector

The interconnector will be about 240 km long and runs from the Kristiansand transformer station to Tjele in Denmark. The sea cable is 140 km, whilst there will be 90 km land cable in Denmark and 12 km in Norway. The total cost of the project is NOK three billion.

Source: Statnett

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