Statfjord – a giant turns 30!

Statoil turns 30! Photo: Statoil

Statoil turns 30! Photo: Statoil

Statfjord, one of the North Sea’s oldest and largest oil fields, has during these years produced oil and gas worth a total of NOK 1,200 billion. That is equivalent to half the value of the Norwegian Government Pension Fund.

Statfjord has had great significance for the development of Statoil. The discovery of the Statfjord field was announced by the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate on February 26, 1974 and Mobil Exploration Norway was appointed as operator. Many years later, on January 1, 1987, the operatorship was transferred from Mobil to Den norske stats oljeselskap (Statoil).

The field has been developed with the Statfjord A, B and C production platforms, which all have concrete gravity base structures incorporating storage cells.

Statfjord A began production on November 24, 1979.

Statfjord B followed on November 5, 1982, and Statfjord C came on stream on June 26, 1985.

We brought this big North Sea oil field on stream on November 24, 1979. Today we are operating a field where 65% of the total output is gas. A whole new era in Statfjord’s history has begun.

Source: Statoil

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