Spicy Quick Pickled Beets

Definitely not your grandmother’s pickled beetsSpicy Pickled Beets taste great on their own as side dish, or you can use them to make delicious salads and sandwiches, juice them, or even puree them in smoothies—the possibilities seem to be endless.Kristi BissellTaste of Norway EditorThe Norwegian AmericanPickled beets have long been a Scandinavian food staple. My Norwegian grandmother canned many batches of them each fall so that they might be enjoyed on our family’s southwestern Minnesota farm through the cold winter months. These pickled beets were the only form of beets we ate growing up, and to be honest, I was not a fan.My love for beets came later in life when I went to culinary school. I learned how to roast them in a hot oven, caramelizing their exterior and accentuating their earthy sweetness. I learned how to shred and sauté them in olive oil and fresh herbs, finishing t
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Kristi Bissell

Kristi Bissell is the founder of True North Kitchen, a Nordic food blog designed for the American home cook. She enjoys creating recipes that celebrate her Scandinavian heritage and that approach traditional Nordic ingredients in a modern, fresh and approachable way. Kristi is a native of Minneapolis and currently resides in Omaha, Neb. When she’s not cooking and baking in her cozy kitchen, Kristi teaches private and corporate yoga classes and leads Scandinavian cooking and baking workshops. For more information, visit her blog, www.true-north-kitchen.com.

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