Songs of Earth

Songs of Earth

Songs of Earth—Fedrelandet—Norway’s Oscar submission for Best International Film 2024 at the 96th Academy Awards, was launched with 10 outdoor screenings across Norway, from south to north, on Aug. 5, 2023. Sail-in Cinema at Stangholmen Lighthouse in Agder, At the roof of the Norwegian Opera & Ballet in Oslo, in Jostedalen with a view of the Nigardsbreen Glacier, Ljøen in Stranda, Trivselsskogen in Sandane, Gjendesheim in Jotunheimen, Stokkøya in Trøndelag, Reine in Lofoten, Oldedalen in Nordfjord, and inside Andersgrotta in Kirkenes.

Margreth Ohlin

Photo: Agnete Brun
Margreth Olin is the writer, director, and producer of Songs of Earth.

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