Sondre Lerche releases his latest album

Photo: Ruvan Wiljesooriya

Photo: Ruvan Wiljesooriya

Young Norwegian indie rock musician Sondre Lerche has received nods from abroad for his latest self-titled album, Sondre Lerche, which was released in Europe Sept. 5.

Sept. 5 also happens to be the now 29-year-old musician’s birthday.

He has received overwhelmingly positive reviews both at home in Norway and abroad for his latest album. “Each song has its own special glow,” wrote a reviewer for Aftenposten. “The beauty of these ten songs is that there are no mayflies here, that live for a short while and then fade away. The songs all have a melodic foundation that is rock-solid, and will give you repeated listening pleasure.”

“At their best, Lerche’s songs are like pieces of plush furniture with one leg sawed shorter than the others,” wrote Paste Magazine in a June review. “They seem inviting, and you can sink right into them, but there’s always something that feels just a bit off-center, preventing listeners from getting too complacent or comfortable.” Having found almost nothing negative to say about Lerche’s music for the past few years, the review concedes: “Truth be told, his batting average is getting a little ridiculous at this point.”

Rolling Stone has also called Lerche a fine musician in its own review of the album. “Now a dependably intriguing wordsmith, [Lerche] still shows no shortage of unusually intelligent quirks,” wrote a reviewer for Rolling Stone.

Lerche is currently touring in Europe, and begins the U.S. stretch of his tour on Nov. 10, with a show at the House of Blues in Dallas, Texas.

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