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These hair clips are the first to be designed specifically to be worn with a bunad

Photo courtesy of NOMA NORGE These hairclips are specifically designed to match the beautiful jewelry on bunads.

Photo courtesy of NOMA NORGE
These hairclips are specifically designed to match the beautiful jewelry on bunads.

Molly Jones
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It all started on the 17th of May, several years ago, when Trine Nilsen realized that while everyone was dressed in their beautiful bunads, their hair accessories didn’t match the beauty of the national costume.

“I saw my daughter in the 17th of May parade in her nice bunad and her hair in normal clips,” said Nilsen, who had worked as a hairdresser and stylist for 30 years. “Then I started checking and all the other children with bunads just had plastic clips or hairbands that didn’t fit with the silver and the bunad. I started the day after with my agent.”

Nilsen’s company NOMA NORGE—named after her twins Nora and Markus—designed and produced the very first hair clips designed to be worn with a bunad, and the original three models were introduced to the first shop six months later. The bunad clips quickly became popular, and today they are sold in more than 800 shops.

Photo courtesy of NOMA NORGE

Photo courtesy of NOMA NORGE

“Our hair accessories bring modern design together with Norwegian folklore and traditions. Our aim is to safeguard the wonderful Norwegian traditions for silver products and take them with us into the future,” writes NOMA NORGE.

The bunad clips are available in three metals and six designs, two of which are available with a colored stone as well. Through a collaboration with Sylvsmidja AS, the hair pieces are available in real silver. With her bunad and beltestakk from Telemark, Nilsen herself wears the Nora clip, named after her daughter.

According to Nilsen, the clips can also be used for weddings and everyday life, but she has also started a collection of more modern and colorful hair clips that are intended for everyday use.

In addition to the innovative hair clips, NOMA NORGE collaborates with local artists to create interesting and unique scarves, including the Munch collection featuring the works of the celebrated artist.

For more information about NOMA NORGE and the bunad hair clips, visit www.nomanorge.no.

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