Sockerbit: Visions of sugarplums

Photo: Daniel Zemans / Flickr Feel like a kid in a candy store at Sockerbit.

Photo: Daniel Zemans / Flickr
Feel like a kid in a candy store at Sockerbit.

Victoria Hofmo
Brooklyn, N.Y.

While visions of sugarplums dance through your heads, sweet dreams are within your reach at Sockerbit (Swedish for “sugar cube”). This New York-based Swedish-owned candy shop will satisfy all Scandinavian tastes. Their “mission and desire is to share the Scandinavian candy culture and the amazing selection of ‘smågodis,’ which translates into little candies.”

The company’s website also speaks about “lördagsgodis,” the tradition of children getting sweets on Saturday, a familiar concept to many Americans. When I was growing up getting sweets was a big deal.

The other thing that might resonate with some of us of a certain age is the very sorely missed opportunity to buy assorted candy of one’s own choosing. As stated on their website, “The idea of creating your own candy bag is a dream come true.” Some movie theaters have tried to replicate this, but quantity, not quality seems to be the norm. Sockerbit offers quality products by using natural colors and eliminating genetically modified ingredients and transfats.

Some of the dozens of types of candy they offer include licorice, chocolate, and marshmallow. In typical Scandinavian fashion, many candies offer a pairing of opposite tastes: sweet and sour or salty and sweet. The store, designed in all white, looks like a boutique or gallery space—all the better to feature a great pop of candy colors.

Sockerbit proprietors are husband and wife team Stefan Ernberg and Florence Baras. Besides candy, they also carry other products for the home. With Christmas coming, it’s good to know that they offer personalized arrangements and gift baskets.

I had a chance to speak to the store manager, Hilary Walker, who gave me a more detailed list of what the store has to offer on a regular basis and also specialty items for Christmas: “We have a Scandinavian Bazaar section with a lot of home design goods, such as handmade rugs, porcelain, Rice products (a brand), and food. As for Christmas items we have: tomtes, gnomes, gløgg, Christmas soda, handmade ornaments, dishcloths, hand-carved figurines from acacia wood (Rikki Tikki is the brand who makes them). We have these all year, but many people like them for gifts. We will be getting in boxes of chocolate and holiday cookies.”

All sounds marvelous to me. So, why not nibble and shop at Sockerbit?

This article originally appeared in the Nov. 20, 2015, issue of the Norwegian American Weekly.

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