Snowboard World Cup at Tryvann in 2012

Terje Haakonsen in action at The Arctic Challenge in Linderudkollen last year. Photo: Kyrre Lien, SCANPIX

Terje Haakonsen in action at The Arctic Challenge in Linderudkollen last year. Photo: Kyrre Lien, SCANPIX

Unanimous yes in Barcelona Saturday: Oslo is the World Championships in 2012 – provided that the Ministry of Environment approves the development of the Oslo Winter Park.

Snowboard Federation might rejoice in Barcelona Saturday:

The general meetings of the International Snowboard Federation (WSF) and the world series in snowboarding (TTR) decided unanimously Oslo will get the World Cup in 2012.

It presupposes that the Ministry approves the development of the World Cup arena Oslo Winter Park.

“That the international snowboarding community has agreed to have the World Cup in 2012 in Oslo, is a major vote of confidence in the Norwegian snowboard community, Oslo city organizers and the work we’ve put into this project,” says Snowboard Association President Cecilia Flatum in a statement.

“And that there is broad agreement to create the first World Cup since 1999 and the first World Cup drop style ever, will also mean a lot for international snowboarding,” she adds.

Must have well from Solheim

“But nothing is clear until the Ministry of Environment approves the development of the World Cup arena in Oslo Winter Park. The County shall forward its opinion to the Ministry by the end of May. Erik Solheim, has previously said he would prioritize the issue when it comes to his table, so we are hoping for a speedy and positive clarification,” said Flatum.

The approval of the World application is subject to a caveat that the clarifications Oslo Winter Park in place during the summer.

33 million from the municipality

Oslo supports full development, the City Council of Oslo has approved the plan and the municipality has provided 33 million to build the arena and both financial guarantee of 28 million to the World and support the 9 million to prepare, write Snowboard Association.

“Without the support from the City of Oslo, this would not have been possible. Now that snowboarders have decided that the World Cup is in Oslo, we hope that the case becomes a national concern and that the government ensures that both the arena and the World Cup will be realized,” said Cecilia Flatum.

Arctic Challenge in 10 years

The Norwegian snowboard environment has earned a solid reputation for having hosted The Arctic Challenge (TAC) for 10 years.

“The presentation of the sport has been exciting on TV, which has made the major international rating companies have come on the court. The Norwegian environment has been crucial in this development. With the World Cup at home is not just a rewarded for hard work, but the whole snowboard world is a common symbol, to gather around. It is now that the fun begins,” said Henning Andersen, CEO of TAC.

Very happy

“We are very pleased to be awarded this World Cup and will do anything for it to be an equally great event like the skiing World Cup next year, said city council leader Stian Berger Rosland to

“Therefore it is important that the Ministry will get what is needed for expansion of Oslo Winter Park,” he adds.

Source: Aftenposten

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