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Back to school

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Summer vacation is coming to an end, and it’s time to go back to school!

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Summer vacation is coming to an end, which for children means the start of a new school year. In Norway, kids headed back to the classroom already in August, and in most places in the United States, either right before or right after Labor Day. Most of you have already bought your new school clothes and supplies, and now it’s time to get into a new mindset for your first day with your teacher and friends. This month’s Barneblad shares a few smart tips for your best school year ever.

Back to school

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It’s always a good idea to leave you backpack with books right at the door the night before.

Set some school-year resolutions

Everyone has heard of New Year’s resolutions, but what about school-year resolutions? Do you spend too much time looking for your clothes in the morning?—Why not set them aside the night before? Do you always forget your most important books?—It’s so much easier if you put them in your backpack and place it by the door after you’re done with your homework. Good habits are great, but it’s not always so easy to stick to them. The trick is to choose just a couple, or maybe even just one, and you’ll be sure to succeed!

Sow friendly seeds

Remember that most people are nice, and when it comes to making friends, you will reap what you sow. Just like a farmer who tends to his crops, you can cultivate new friendships. Smile and be friendly to everyone in your class, both boys and girls, and remember that putting down or making fun of someone is never acceptable. As days get darker, your everyday life will become a sunnier place. It’s true that when you put on a smile, the world smiles back at you!

17th of May

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In the Norwegian American community, the 17th of May is a special day for children.

Look forward to something special

For every week of school, there is a weekend that follows, a time to enjoy with your family and friends. Think about what’s coming up throughout the year: holidays, birthdays, special playdates and sleepovers, class parties, visits with grandma and grandpa, vacations and trips: the fun is endless. If there’s nothing special planned for the weekend, you might plan to listen to some new music or ask mom and dad if you can bake some cookies (we recommend Norwegian ones). You may even want to make a calendar that marks all these special things you have to look forward to!

Sleep soundly

It may sound boring, but it’s true: sleep really does matter. Everything, absolutely everything, goes better when you’ve had a good night’s sleep. Set a reasonable bedtime with mom and dad and stick to it. You’ll feel better in the morning, and one thing is for sure: your school days will go by like a song. Sov godt—sweet dreams!

Have fun!

Finally, the most important thing for a good start to the school year is to keep in mind that it’s going to be FUN. Yes, there will be school work, but there will also be lots of playtime, friends, laughter, and joy.

Back to school

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Don’t forget that school is place to have fun!

The Norwegian American wishes you a super skolestart. Make 2018 your best school year yet!

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