Sivert Høyem: into the great wide own

There are very few iconic figures in Norwegian rock. Sivert Høyem is one of them.

Høyem is the man behind hits like “Into The Sea”, “The Kids Are On High Street” and “Majesty”.

Through the hugely successful band Madrugada –whose ten-year career as recording artists was one of the truly luminous stretches in Norwegian rock history– and more recently through his solo records, Sivert has become the male voice of a generation, a voice that one inadvertently listens to in a special way, writes

His third solo outing “Moon Landing” is his first without the “real” project Madrugada looming in the back. The truth is that it is only now that things have become real; in Sivert’s words “Moon Landing” is a new beginning and a homecoming.

Sivert’s new album has been selling more and faster than anyone could have dared to expect in times like these. The celebrated artist relates that it is the first time he has felt free to do what he really wanted.

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