Sivert Høyem European tour and album release

Having confirmed his standing on the domestic market with his highly successful ‘Moon Landing’ album, Sivert Høyem poises himself for a European campaign this October with album releases and tours across the Continent.

There are very few iconic figures in Norwegian rock. Sivert Høyem is one of them. Through the hugely successful band Madrugada –whose ten-year career as recording artists was one of the truly luminous stretches in Norwegian rock history– and more recently through his solo records, Sivert has become the male voice of a generation, a voice that one inadvertently listens to in a special way. His third solo outing Moon Landing is his first without the «real» project Madrugada looming in the back. Now an European launch of the album is just around the corner with an corresponding tour of the UK, Holland, Germany, Greece, Italy and Switzerland kicking off on Oct 5th.

-Music is about presenting a better version of oneself, says Sivert, which means expressing something that is not fragmented; something whole that is somehow removed from second thoughts. I think of music as a means of structuring my experiences and expressing a sort of condensed, perhaps clarified, position. I often get questions about my life apart from music –about the real me– as if there is some more genuine and grounded mode of being that preconditions my music, but it is not like that at all. Music is not a superstructure or some kind of frosting on the cake, it is what I do and how I have chosen to live. However, this does not mean that I never look beyond music. I do that all the time, in many different directions, but music is the tool that I have for creating a structured whole.

Sivert Høyem’s Moon Landing has been selling more and faster than anyone could have dared expect in times like these. For a celebrated artist who relates that it is the first time he has felt free to do what he really wanted, and has done so a 100%, the feeling must surely be a good one.

-Now there is no limit, says Sivert, because it’s just me now, and my friends. I am done with calculating and trying to achieve conceptual things. Having reached that point gives me a great sense of freedom and newfound, limitless possibility.

Source: MIC Norway

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