Seven of 10 would get vaccinated

New poll shows most Norwegians optimistic about a COVID-19 vaccine


Photo: Berit Roal / NTB
Roughly 70% of Norwegians reported that they would take a COVID-19 vaccine if available.


In a new opinion poll, seven out of 10 Norwegians say that would be willing to get a coronavirus vaccine if the Norwegian authorities recommended it.

Only two out of 10 answered that they would not take such a vaccine, while one in 10 is not sure.

The survey was conducted at the end of October among 1,000 people and carried out by Respons on behalf of the newspaper VG.

The survey also shows that women are more skeptical about a vaccine than men. Over a third of the women state either that they do not want to take the vaccine or that they are unsure about this. The corresponding figure for men is 24%.

There is a majority who want to take the vaccine regardless of party affiliation.

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