See the primate fossil Ida at the Zoological museum in Oslo

© Hans Arne Nakrem/Naturhistorisk museum

© Hans Arne Nakrem/Naturhistorisk museum

On Friday 5 June the exhibition “Can We Forgive Darwin?” opened at the Zoological museum in Oslo. The fossil named Ida became a sensation when it was revealed on 19 May 2009, and this exhibition will be the public’s first chance to see it.

Ida is the fossil of a primate that lived 47 million years ago. Ida is the most complete early primate fossil ever found, and the discovery is significant because it gives unprecedented information on early primates. Ida’s skeleton has some traits that foreshadow physical features which later appear in monkeys, apes, and humans. 

The year 2009 marks the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth and the 150th anniversary of the first publication of his book “On the Origin of the Species”. In the book he described what is now known as the evolutionary theory, which is the basis of all modern biology. It is also used in the fields of medicine, technology and psychology. 

The exhibition “Can We Forgive Darwin?” will look at the background for Darwin’s theory, some of the results of evolution and why many have a problem accepting the theory. 

The exhibition will be shown until 1 June 2010.

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