School moves home

New survey shows that most parents are satisfied with crisis homeschooling

Teachers and students have adapted well to online and instruction during the corona crisis, and most parents are satisfied with the results.


Over two thirds of parents in Norway think their children are getting an acceptable school day for the time being, according to a new study.

Due to the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus crisis, the nation’s schools are closed, and students are receiving instruction over the internet.

A clear majority of parents in Norway—68%—answered “yes” to the question of whether they are experiencing their children’s learning situation as acceptable. The remaining 32% answered that they are not satisfied, a new study by Opinion shows.

“The corona crisis has put our teaching capacity to its most difficult test in modern times. When two of three parents answer that their children are getting good instruction in an extraordinary time, it shows that we have talented, solution-oriented teachers that we can be proud of,” said Minister of Education Guri Melby about the results of the study.

Parents in Oslo are somewhat less satisfied with the instruction than the national average. Only 61% of Oslo parents answered that the school day is acceptable.

This article originally appeared in the April 3, 2020, issue of The Norwegian American.

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