SAS Norway chiefs step down

New chief for SAS operations in Norway is Gorm Frimannslund.

The top management of SAS Norway has stepped down with immediate effect. This comes after the airline’s Norwegian division has been closed down and SAS has become a joint company headquartered in Stockholm, report Norway Post

The restructuring of the SAS Group is part of a major cost savings program.

In addition to SAS Norge CEO Ola Strand, chief of personnel Svein Oppegaard, director of operations Dag Falk-Petersen and communications director Thomas Midteide are also stepping down.

Strand says he and the others have received tempting new job offers from outside SAS, and that it is just a coincidence that all four are leaving at the same time.

However, according to unnamed sources quoted by NRK, the move is sees as a reaction to the fact that increasingly the airline is managed from the Stockholm office.

SAS union leaders in Norway say to NRK that they accept the need for SAS to reduce management in Norway in order to cut costs.

New chief for SAS operations in Norway is Gorm Frimannslund.

Source: NRK / Norway Post

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