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SAS is expanding its Scandinavian network

Photo: Björn Strey / Wikimedia Commons  SAS flights will soon be taking off in more places.

Photo: Björn Strey / Wikimedia Commons
SAS flights will soon be taking off in more places.

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Scandinavian Airlines, SAS, released its 2016/2017 winter program on May 25, which will open “up to 470,000 more seats to travelers in Scandinavia than last year.” The plan is set to be rolled out at the end of October.

“We are always working to improve the offering we deliver to our customers. In addition to flying to popular winter vacation destinations and continuing to invest our energies on Asia and the USA, we are now also increasing the number of departures on popular routes,” Evind Roald, the airline’s commercial director, said in a press release.

The airline said that demand from Stockholm led to an increase to three flights a day to Kiruna and Amsterdam from the Swedish capital. Stockholm will also get an additional daily Helsinki departure, bringing the daily total to nine.

Flights between Stockholm and Trondheim, Norway, will also double to two daily departures.

In Denmark, SAS plans to boost capacity by 38,000 domestically, mainly by increasing seat availability on the popular Copenhagen to Aalborg route. However, the launch of a Copenhagen to Miami flight in September is also predicted to boost overall traffic for SAS out of the Danish capital.

With tourists showing a sustained interest in Norway, SAS has also announced that an additional 90,000 seats will be available on winter routes from Oslo to the northern destinations of Tromsø, Bodø, and Svalbard. The Stockholm-Tromsø offerings will also be doubled.

SAS said its winter program will also entail 130,000 additional seats on flights to the U.S. and Asia. The airline is offering a new year-round flight from Copenhagen to Boston and from Stockholm to Los Angeles.

The airline’s overhauled long-distance fleet will offer flights from Scandinavia to Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Hong Kong.

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