Runs with deadly tires

Winter tires on wet roads during summer can be a deadly combination.

Winter tires on wet roads during summer can be a deadly combination.

To save money, many Norwegian motorists driving with snow tires in the middle of summer. One of the greatest threats to traffic safety, say car experts.

All indications are that a large number of cars have winter tires on Norwegian roads this summer. Nowadays I see many cars with these tires on car parks” said Jan Ivar Engebretsen of the Norwegian Automobile Federation (NAF).

This is the safety is lost. I do not like to think that I might encounter one of these cars when I drive home, he adds.

Want ban

The editor of the automotive magazines Auto Motor & Sport, Jan Henry Svendsen, agrees. He believes this is a big problem, and ask the authorities to consider a ban on the use of studded winter tires for summer conditions.

“The safety is very much worse with these tires in the summer. This is about the life and health” he said.


Winter tires, wet asphalt and summer heat can be a deadly combination.

“Many will be surprised how easy it is to hydroplane when driving with these tires on wet and hot lanes” says Jan Ivar Engebretsen in NAF.

He believes one of the biggest problems is what can happen if you lose control due to hydroplaning in a right turn. Then people land up in the left roadway, with great danger to frontal impact.

Source: NRK

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