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Mole Genetics has created a reliable robot to speed DNA sample preparation

John Erik Stacy

Mole Genetics has made a “robot” that “knows how” to isolate DNA from patient samples. This is good news for lab workers since it frees them from performing a repetitive procedure by hand and since an automated system helps to insure reliability in their results. But the really great news is that the “robot” costs a lot less than competing products and will therefore reach many more laboratories around the world.

Affordable and dedicated

Mole Genetics sprung up in 2005 based on the idea that it should be possible to make money selling affordable automated solutions to hospitals, clinical labs and research institutions. Automated systems for laboratories of one sort or another have been around for a long time. But most of these are lacking on user-friendliness and long on cost. By contrast, the creators of the GeneMole® at Mole Genetics understood that a small instrument focusing on dedicated tasks and supplied with ready made reagents would hit the sweet spot while costing less to produce than “one size fits all” behemoths.


The GeneMole® instrument and MoleStrips™ ready made reagents have just begun to reach the market in Europe. VWR international awarded the GeneMole® its prize for the “Most Innovative Product” at the pan-European sales conference in Willingen, Germany earlier in February this year. Mole Genetics is the first company ever to go below 10.000 € for a complete automated system for DNA/RNA extraction, and at the same time offer consumables at the price level of manual kits.

Leadership and investors

GeneMole founders include Chairman Frank Larsen and CEO Ole Jesper Dahlberg. Frank and Ole also helped to form GenoVision – a company that provided a healthy return for its investors. MoleGenetics is currently a privately held company with stock-holders including Skagenkaien Eiendom AS (21,90%), Såkorn invest (18,13%), Spencer Energy AS (11,6%), Tvenge Holding AS (9,86%) and others.

This article was also published in the Norwegian American Weekly. 

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