Record number sent out by force

More than 4,000 people without legal residence were sent out of Norway last year. Three out of four were sent out by force

It was just before Christmas when 30 Iraqis were deported from Norway. Eleven of them were convicted of violence, rape, or drug trafficking. It was the largest transport of asylum seekers out of the country that police conducted in 2009.

In 2009, a total of 4,359 people without legal residence were sent out of the country– that’s 1,468 more people than in 2008. Of the deportees, 1,019 left the country voluntarily. The remaining 3,340 had to be sent out of the country with the assistance of the law enforcement. The largest groups were people of a criminal background from Romania and Lithuania. Many Nigerians were sent out because they did not have legal residence.

In addition, 79 Iraqis were sent out after Norway signed a search agreement with Iraq. Of the deported, 1,463 people were sent to other countries in Europe, because the former is registered as asylum seekers there. Most were sent to Italy, Spain, and Sweden.

Police Immigration Unit aimed to transport 4,150 people out of Norway, voluntarily or forcibly. They exceeded their goal with 209 more than the target.

The police also finance the trip for asylum seekers who return to their homeland voluntarily.

Source: Aftenposten

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