Raising the adventure bar in Norway


Photo: Birkhusky.no

Photo: Birkhusky.no

There are three important dog sledding rules:  

1. Never let go of the sled’s rail; 2. Never let go of the sled’s rail; 3. Never forget rules one and two.  —Instructor Michael Tiedemann of BIRK.

Garbed in a one-piece snowsuit to stave off Norway’s below-freezing February weather, I head toward a black dog leashed to one of the dozens of small houses in the outdoor kennel. After unleashing the eager pup I grab his collar and walk him to one of the waiting sleds. With help from expert dog sledder Franziska Kraiczy, I harness him beside another dog and attach that harness to a wooden sled. Six dogs, two per row, will race us through the snow-covered Pasvikdalen Valley in Svanik, located along the Norwegian and Russian border. 

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