PST plans closer cooperation with the FBI

The terrorist suspects in Norway could easily end up on the so-called terrorist lists in the United States, reports Aftenposten.

“We have had meetings with the Americans, and the agreement is in final stages. But it is not signed yet,” said information officer Martin Bernsen at PST (Police Security Service) to Aftenposten.

The newspaper writes that the agreement means that the FBI will facilitate access to information about the Norwegians. Norwegians should therefore easier end up on the FBI’s list of terrorist suspects, which already includes 400,000 people.

FBI database has previously been criticized of including persons who are not terrorist suspects.

PST is part of the Norwegian police service. Administratively, and in preventive activity, PST reports directly to the Ministry of Justice. In criminal investigations and prosecution matters, PST are under the authority of the Director General of Public Prosecutions and the Public Prosecutors’ Offices.

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