Promonte collected 21,768 mobile phones

During the five first months of their campaign, “Old phone, new life”, Promonte has managed to collect no less than 21,768 mobile phones.

Recycling success

Promonte, Telenor’s Montenegrin operation launched a mobile phone recycling project on 1 October 2009 with the aim of contributing to solving the problem of electronic waste and raising awareness of Montenegrin public on this issue and on environment protection.

As a proof of their success, the company managed to collect 21,768 mobile phones during the first five months of their “Old phone, new life” campaign.

New incentives for customers

With the success of the campaign fresh in mind, Promonte believes that it – together with its customers – can make further contributions to help solving these environmental issues. Based on this, Promonte started a refreshed recycling campaign on 15 March.

Source:  Telenor

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