Prime Minister Stoltenberg congratulates President Obama

Prime Minister Stoltenberg's letter to President Obama. Photo: Office of the Prime Minister

“I congratulate Barack Obama on his inauguration as President of the United States of America. The world needs his leadership in dealing with great common challenges such as the global financial crisis, climate change and poverty. I look forward to cooperating closely with President Obama and his administration on these important issues,” says Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg of Norway.

The US is our most important ally, and there are strong ties between our two countries. Our cooperation is based on common values and shared interests. The Atlantic Alliance is key to our security, and we still need to continue the close transatlantic cooperation. The challenges in Afghanistan are a good example of this,” says Mr Stoltenberg.

“In order to meet the great global challenges we are facing, we need unifying solutions and an active engagement on the part of the US. This is true for the international financial crisis, the climate challenge, the fight against poverty and efforts to bring about peace and security. We cannot allow the economic downturn to undermine our efforts to help the worlds’ poor, to put in place a new climate agreement and to secure peace and security. In particular, I encourage President Obama to address himself to the Middle East peace efforts with a view to providing new impetus to the process,” says Mr Stoltenberg.

The Prime Minister says that the active participation of the US is important in order to put in place a new climate agreement. “It is also vital to get the support of other major emitting countries. I am therefore pleased that President Obama has said that the US will step up its efforts to reduce emissions,” says Mr Stoltenberg.


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