Solberg PM to 2025?

Norway’s head of state says she wants to lead the country for another term

Gerard Taylor
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Prime Minister Erna Solberg

Photo: Nina Aldin Thune / Wikimedia
Erna Solberg has been prime minister of Norway since 2013.

Prime Minister Erna Solberg of Høyre (H) says she wants to steer the country until 2025.

“I’m ready to continue. We are now starting an exciting project with four parties, which I really want to be successful. So we’ll see in 2021. It’s the voters who decide,” she told VG newspaper.

Solberg wants to promote the pillars of the political project in a seven-year plan.

“If we are to preserve Norway as a welfare society, we must change Norway. We need to create more and greener jobs. We need to create better framework conditions for the country’s businesses—and what I call the social glue in Norwegian society—small differences, inclusion, get people to participate in our society,” she said.

Solberg’s husband, Sindre Finnes, said they have not yet come to an agreement on her continuing to be head of state in the years between 2021 and 2025 but says that he has lost one of his strong arguments now that their children are adults.

“It will be a family discussion in a couple of years,” said Finnes, who is the director of the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise’s largest association, Norsk industri.

Norway’s parliamentary elections are held every four years, with the next contest in 2021. Solberg is in her second term as prime minister, serving since 2013.

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