Presenting the fundamental tools of research

Sidsel Flock Backmann and Emmy Gram Lauvanger in the National Science Week secretariat. (Photo: Jon Solberg)

Sidsel Flock Backmann and Emmy Gram Lauvanger in the National Science Week secretariat. (Photo: Jon Solberg)

The focus for Norway’s National Science Week when it gets underway in September this year will be on equipment, inquisitiveness, scientific method and other fundamental tools of research.

“The national secretariat has selected ‘The Tools of Research’ as the overall theme for this year’s festival, in part to support the large-scale initiative on research infrastructure and scientific equipment being implemented,” explains Sidsel Flock Bachmann. “But we also chose this theme because it provides an approach that will appeal to many different groups and all types of institutions and organizations – and we are sure it will capture the interest of festival-goers both large and small.”

The path to knowledge

As in earlier years, researchers will have a chance to communicate the results of their work at the festival. In addition, this year’s overall theme will provide researchers with an arena for entertaining participants with exciting stories about the often all-consuming process that research entails as they traverse the path from idea or question to hypothesis and testing, and, finally, to findings.

By presenting the tools of research and researchers in their element, National Science Week also seeks to motivate children and young people to contemplate the possibility of a research career.

“This provides us with the perfect opportunity to open the doors and let the public experience firsthand the types of equipment and methods used and participate in genuine research projects,” says Flock Bachmann.

National and international impact

National Science Week 2010 will be the sixteenth consecutive festival of its kind. Over the years, the festival has appealed to an increasingly wider Norwegian audience and has attracted international attention thanks to its breadth, quality and variety.

National Science Week is an active member of the European Science Event Association (EUSCEA). For the sixth time the festival will serve as the basis for the Norwegian events held under the EU initiative “European Researchers’ Night”. Thus, the festival also helps contribute to the pan-European information campaign to draw greater attention to the role of research and researchers in society.

Source: Research Council of Norway

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