Prepare yourself for increased ferry traffic

In July and August it expected a strong increase in traffic on Norwegian roads. Fjord1 estimates about 2.6 million travelers on ferries in July alone – and the company encourages travelers to be out early to the ferry departure area.

The figures show that in July, which is the most hectic traffic month, has up to 80% more ferry traffic than usual.

Fjord1 MRF had 1.3 million travelers in July 2009, compared with an average 0.7 million per month for the rest of the year. Similar Fjord1 Fylke boats had 1.3 million travelers in July 2009 and probably 0.5 million travelers on average the remaining months of last year on its ferry routes. This means that on a normal day in July, 83,870 travelers were on Fjord1 ferries.

Some expect on Fjord1 a total of 2.6 million travelers in July on its ferry lines in Møre og Romsdal, Sogn og Fjordane, Hordaland, Rogaland and Finnmark. Capacity challenges are expected to be greatest on a ferry along the E39 and the typical tourist lines.

“Travelers must be prepared for increased traffic and therefore some longer queues at the busiest holiday season. Festivals, plays, concerts and other major events will, together with the summer traffic, cause traffic challenges on many lines” says Frode Ohr, assitant managing director of Fjord1 MRF. “The most important advice we can give people is to take it easy. Keep your place in the line and drop back at the berthing place both to and from the ferry. Often this leads only to increased risk, not saving time.

Small tips that can save your holiday

Road trip by ferry:

• Plan your travel route and check alternative ferry departures before leaving. Route information can be found at .

• Listen to radio traffic on a regular basis and get updates about road conditions on the way.

• Sign up for the SMS service of Fjord1 that plays updates about ferry departures for the travel route. The service is free and you can sign up easily via .

• Be in good time and get a better travel experience! If you attend a big event, you should be extra early out there. Plan to take an earlier ferry than you would normally choose, to ensure that you get out in time.

• There is a lot of summer traffic. If everyone takes it easy and be particularly aware of safely.

• Take breaks along the route you take toward the destination, make them part of the experience.

Source: Fjord1

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