Positive Evaluation by Norwegian participants: Extremely satisfied with EU research

Norwegian participants say they have benefited greatly from their experiences under the EU Framework Programs for Research and Technological Development. The majority state that the EU projects in which they were involved were successful or extremely successful.

NIFU STEP (Norwegian Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education) conducted an evaluation of Norwegian participation under the EU Framework Programs during the period 2003-2008 based on feedback from participating companies and institutions. In general, respondents reported that they were very pleased with their experiences under the EU Sixth Framework Program and with the first third of the Seventh Framework Program – which NIFU STEP characterises as extremely satisfactory on the whole.

Coordination responsibility gave greatest satisfaction

Seventy-seven percent of the respondents classified their projects as successful or extremely successful. Participants with responsibility for project coordination were the most satisfied – a full 84 percent regarded their projects as successful or extremely successful.

“We are very pleased that the Norwegian participants are so satisfied with their involvement in the world’s largest cooperative research effort,” says Simen Ensby, Director of the EU RTD Department at the Research Council which coordinates EU research-related activities.

Only four percent of the respondents stated that they were dissatisfied or extremely dissatisfied with the projects in which they participated.

Networking scores highest

Respondents were asked to rank the sub-criteria for satisfaction, and network-building topped the list. Over 80 percent were extremely satisfied with the contacts they had made and the network they had built in the course of their projects. Participants were also very satisfied with overall research performance, achievement of objectives and the foundation generated for new research and development projects.

Source: The Norwegian Research Council

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