Positive December sales

Norwegian consumers’ shopping spree in Dec ’09 spilled over to the music market and generated a much needed boost in sales compared to 2008.

The latest sales figures from IFPI Norway indicate that total revenue for domestic music sales grew with 13% in December ’09, compared to Dec ’08.

Sales of physical units grew with 10% compared to ’08 while downloads rose with 51% in the same period. Revenue generated by streams grew a whopping 360% in the same time frame.

Album sales grew with 11% in Dec ’09. Sales of physical singles continues its decline with a 27% reduction in sales, while sales of music DVDs fell 21%.

Market shares in Dec ’09:

Universal 37,3%

Sony Music 21,6%

Warner 11,2

EMI 9%

MO 5,9%

Mudi 3,7%

Bare Bra Musikk/Tylden 3,6%

Bonnier Amigo/Tuba 2,6%

VME 2,6%

Playground 1,3%

MBO/Nordisk Film 1,1%

Source: MIC Norway

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