Police release photos from espionage probe of ex-Norwegian diplomat

The best know picture from the Treholt-case shows him together with KGB-officer Gennadij Titov. Photo: PST

The best know picture from the Treholt-case shows Treholt (left0 together with KGB officer Gennadij Titov (middle). Photo: PST

Oslo – The Norwegian security police Thursday released previously classified photos taken in connection with an espionage probe against a former Norwegian top diplomat.

The photos were also published on Facebook, the social networking site where the security police PST maintains a page.

Arne Treholt in 1985 was given a 20-year sentence for espionage but was released in 1992.

He has since sought to clear his name, but last year the Norwegian Criminal Cases Review Commission rejected what was likely to be his last legal possibility. The review panel’s decision was cited Thursday by the security police in their decision to release the 30 black-and-white photos. The images included photos of alleged agents Treholt had contact with, wads of cash and a briefcase used in the handover.

Treholt was arrested in 1984 and was convicted the following year for handing over classified information to the Soviet Union and the Iraqi intelligence service. He has always denied the charges, but conceded that he met with a KGB officer and violated his civil servant’s code of silence. At the time of his arrest he was a spokesman for the foreign ministry.

After his release, he has lived in Russia and also in Cyprus. Treholt a few years ago published the autobiographical book Grasoner (Grey Zones).

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