Peterson Packaging scores at Nor-Fishing 2014

This modern company with historical roots was one of many at Norway’s biennial fishing industry expo

Photo: Peterson Packaging / Facebook Peterson’s award-winning stand at Nor-Fishing 2014.

Photo: Peterson Packaging / Facebook
Peterson’s award-winning stand at Nor-Fishing 2014.

Rasmus Falck
Oslo, Norway

The fisheries industry has seen incredible technological development over the past years, and the new vessel technology, fishing technology, processing technology, and services in the industry have been presented at the Nor-Fishing exhibition. This year 14,500 visitors from 48 countries visited the exhibition, which was formally opened by Queen Sonja. The attractive mixture of innovation, fjord, and ocean makes Trondheim the perfect host town for the event.

To stimulate exhibitors who put an extra effort into their stand design Nor-Fishing has a Best Stand Award. Some of the criteria for the prize are: Is the stand an attention getter? Does it attract visitors? Does it give clear information about the message that it is meant to communicate?

This year’s winner was M. Peterson (packaging). According to the jury, the winner had a stand that stands out. There is, in fact, no other stand like it at Nor-Fishing 2014. It is certainly an eye-catcher, and it has been built to give a coastal atmosphere. At the same time, it displays the exhibitor’s products in a very simple, but clear way. Nobody can be in doubt about what the company is selling. It also has on display a modern machine showing part of the production process.

The jury observed that many people visited the stand, and the staff was numerous and very informative. They know their product, and they know their customers and how to promote their own product as well as their customer’s products. The decision of the jury was unanimous.

M. Peterson can trace their history back to 1801 when the founder opened a general store in Moss. The store grew into a flourishing merchant. Over the years they branched out to ten individual companies. They were the first company in Norway to appoint a production committee with management and workers in 1946. The same year they started a company medical service, and daycare for the employees’ children was opened in 1947. After WWII the sixth generation built up a modern, wholly integrated packaging company. In 2012 the group was fully acquired by fellow Norwegian trading and industrial company Pemco AS.

Some years ago, I visited the headquarters of the group. They were located in an old building in Moss where the peace treaty had been negotiated between Sweden and Norway in August 1814. The treaty allowed Norway to keep its constitution from the 17th of May and its status as independent kingdom, but it joined Sweden in a double monarchy with a shared king and shared government, but separate parliaments.

This article originally appeared in the Sept. 12, 2014 issue of the Norwegian American Weekly.

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Rasmus Falck

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