Pastor Larson’s Corner: What do you like?

Pastor Larsons Corner

If you have ever had a Facebook account, you know about the practice of “liking” what other people post on the website. If someone posts something that you like, you simply click on the “like” icon and your friend will see that you have appreciated their post. You can also comment or express an opinion about your friend’s post. I am often amazed how many “likes” some things receive and equally surprised how few “likes” others have.

If we were to post a picture of Jesus on Facebook and ask our friends if they like Him, I suspect that He would get a lot of “likes.” Generally speaking people like Jesus today even if they are not necessarily Christians. They think of Jesus as a great man who not only taught the importance of love but lived a life of love towards others that remains unmatched in human history.

The same was not true, however, during Jesus’s lifetime. In fact, He was hated by so many people that they falsely accused Him of treason and hung Him on a Roman cross. As we approach another Good Friday, we are mindful once again of just how much Jesus was hated by His enemies. We are mindful also of how hate can grow and become a part of our own lives when we allow our fears to control our lives. On this Good Friday 2016, we are keenly aware of the hatred that lives in our world, our country, and in our own backyard. As we remember again how unjust our Lord’s crucifixion was, we are called to remember the injustice in our world today. If we truly like Jesus than we will also like and work for all the things He brought into the world. Things such as love, peace, hope, joy, and perhaps most importantly, justice.

Pastor Larson’s Corner is written by Jerry Larson and appears weekly in the Norwegian American Weekly.

Pastor Jerry Larson retired to his cabin in Zimmerman, Minn., after 39 years in parish ministry for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. In 2011 he published a book entitled “Speaking the Word Freely: Writing with purpose, preaching with power.” Contact him at

This article originally appeared in the March 25, 2016, issue of the Norwegian American Weekly.

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