Pastor Larson’s Corner: The prime of life

Pastor Larsons Corner

Several of my grandchildren spent the Memorial Day weekend with me here at the lake. They are all great helpers when they come and are able to do a lot of the things I used to do myself. When I apologized to them for having to work so hard on their vacation weekend, I said something like, “I’m just not the man I used to be.” I was surprised by my 12-year-old grandson’s response to my comment. He said, “What do you mean, Grandpa? You’re still in your prime.” I thanked him for his confidence in me but silently thought to myself, I am a long way away from my prime.

It’s amazing how much my grandson’s comments lifted my spirits. When the wear and tear of aging makes you start to give up some of your most loved activities, it can be very hard to take. Evidently my grandson sees me as a vital and active senior citizen who still has a lot to offer. In his mind I am not only capable, I am in the prime of my capabilities. Even though that might not be completely true, just having someone think so gave me a real lift.

Hearing that I was in the prime of life made me start thinking about that old saying, “Perhaps God is not through with you yet.” Compared to my younger days, I have certainly lost a few steps. Perhaps, however, I have gained some wisdom along the way that can still be of benefit to others. As we age, it is easy to get discouraged and think of ourselves as being completely over the hill. Truthfully, God can continue to use us in many ways, and in some of those ways we may well be in our prime.

Pastor Larson’s Corner is written by Jerry Larson and appears weekly in the Norwegian American Weekly.

Pastor Jerry Larson retired to his cabin in Zimmerman, Minn., after 39 years in parish ministry for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. In 2011 he published a book entitled “Speaking the Word Freely: Writing with purpose, preaching with power.” Contact him at

This article originally appeared in the June 12, 2015, issue of the Norwegian American Weekly.

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