Pastor Larson’s Corner: Bible reading

Pastor Larsons Corner

Earlier this year our congregation challenged us to spend 15 minutes each day in Bible reading. Thirty or 40 people signed a pledge to do so and last Sunday we met to share our experiences. Some were completely faithful to the discipline of daily Bible reading, while others started out well but gradually gave it up. One thing, however, was consistent with everyone who shared their experience. They all agreed that reading the Bible had both inspired and guided them in their life.

Each person in the group chose to read the Bible differently. Some started at the beginning while others began in the New Testament or with a favorite book in the Bible. I remember when I was a teenager, attending Luther League, how our Pastor asked us to read a chapter in the New Testament every night. He said that if we did, we would read the entire New Testament over the course of a year. I started doing that and kept repeating the process until I was out of college. By the time I arrived at the Seminary I was very familiar with the books of the New Testament. I may not have understood everything I read, but I was well acquainted with the contents.

There are many things that guided me towards a career in ministry. Looking back I can see that regular Bible reading during some very formative years was certainly a key element in that journey. I believe that regular Bible reading can do that. It can lead and guide us along life’s path in powerful and amazing ways. We may not understand everything we read. Our reading may produce more questions than answers. More often, however, it will inspire us and help us to grow ever more fully in faith, hope, and love.

Pastor Larson’s Corner is written by Jerry Larson and appears weekly in the Norwegian American Weekly.

Pastor Jerry Larson retired to his cabin in Zimmerman, Minn., after 39 years in parish ministry for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. In 2011 he published a book entitled “Speaking the Word Freely: Writing with purpose, preaching with power.” Contact him at

This article originally appeared in the Dec. 4, 2015, issue of the Norwegian American Weekly.

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