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crime corner

Crime Corner: A good romjul read

Crime Corner’s Jerry Holt recommends The
Spy Who Came in from the Cold and A Most Wanted Man, films based on books,
for your holiday viewing fun.



Andy Meyer puts together a challenging
holiday crossword puzzle to test your knowledge of English and Norwegian
Christmas terms and sayings.

en julenattsdrom

En julenattsdrøm

Tove Andersson reports on En julenattsdrøm – A Christmas Night’s Dream, which is playing at Nationaltheatret in Oslo, Norway’s National Theater.

Skyte inn jula

Skyte inn jula

Editor-in-chief Lori Ann Reinhall tells of the times when Norwegians would “skyte inn jula,” to “shoot in Christmas” with rounds of gunfire.

Journalistene Maria Ressa og Dmitrij Muratov mottar

Nobel-prisen hjelper journalister

English synopsis: The Filpino-American journalist Maria Ressa and Russian journalist Dmitrij Muratov are the recipients of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.