På julebordet!

Christmas Crosswords

Christmas crosswords

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There is something special about spending the holidays cozied up with a crossword and a cup of coffee.

The Norwegian American

These three smaller crosswords are meant to help you prepare your Norwegian Christmas dinner—but they can’t help you pick the right main dish! As always, they are bilingual, with answers In Norwegian marked (N) and answers in English marked (E), so you might want to have your Norwegian-English dictionary handy.

Julekryssord No. 1

Christmas crosswordsVannrett (Across)
1. Common tree in Norwegian forests (and cabins) (N)
5. Islamic religious leader (E)
6. Main dish at many a Norwegian Christmas dinner (N)
8. Eden’s favorite son? (E)
9. Captain of the Starship Enterprise (E)

Loddrett (Down)
1. Common tree in Norwegian forests (E)
2. Traditional Inuit boat (E)
3. Jewish religious leader (E)
4. Earth tone (E)
7. American ungulate many Norwegians mistake (in writing) for a moose (E)

Julekryssord No. 2

Christmas crosswordsVannrett (Across)
1. With 6-Down, main dish at many a Norwegian-American Christmas dinner
5. The main component of a julenek (E)
7. Positive response (E)
8. Syllable between re and fa (E), or the feminine 1st-person possessive pronoun (N)
9. One often can’t see the forest for them (E)
11.Another word for kjærlighet (N)

Loddrett (Down)
1. One must pass it on the way to the bar? (E)
2. Norwegian monster (N)
3. Kaffe eller __?
4. Modern design eponym most known for a chair (E)
6. See 1-Across
10. Superior transportation option? (E)

Julekryssord No. 3

kryssordVannrett (Across)
1. With 6-Down, main dish at many a Norwegian Christmas dinner (N)
6. “Have a good time, y’all!” (N)
8. Theme for this issue of The Norwegian American (N)
9. Requirements for buying 10-Across (E)
10. Traditional requirement of Norwegian farmsteads during jul (N)
11. __ på tur, aldri sur! (N)
12. Amt. of pepper in Baker Harepus’ “gingerbread” recipe (hint: the answer is elsewhere in this issue) (E)
14. What a tree’s rings tell about a tree (E)
15. The Pontiac Firebird is an example of one in the United Kingdom (E)
17. Basketball star Shaquille

Loddrett (Down)
1. Washington state’s “Little Norway”
2. Country between Greenland and Norway (Abbr.) (N)
3. State that is host to Høstfest (Abbr.) (E)
4. Negative response (N)
5. Emphatic negative response to a dare, perhaps: “__ __ ___?” (N)
6. See 6-Across
7. Chemical aroma (E), eller boka i bibelen mellom Nehemja og Job (N)
13. Greek god of the wild (E)
14. Official abbr. for Obamacare (E)
16. English equivalent of the Norwegian prefix gjen- (E)


This article originally appeared in the Dec. 11, 2020, issue of The Norwegian American.

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