Oslo the World’s 5th Best-Paid City

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Investment bank UBS’s “Prices and Earnings” study has dubbed Oslo, Zurich, Copenhagen, Geneva, Tokyo and New York as the world’s most expensive cities based on a standardized basket of 122 goods and services.

When rent prices are factored into the equation, New York, Oslo, Geneva and Tokyo emerge as especially pricey places to live, UBS say.

The basket costs the least in Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Delhi and Mumbai.

The survey of 73 international cities found that employees in Copenhagen, Zürich, Geneva and New York have the highest gross wages. Zürich and Geneva – the two Swiss cities in the study – top the rankings in the international comparison of net wages. By contrast, the average employee in Delhi, Manila, Jakarta and Mumbai earns less than one-fifteenth of Swiss hourly wages after taxes.

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