Oslo rated among the world’s 10 most expensive cities

Business Week has rated Oslo the 7th most expensive city in the world, not bad if you consider the fact that they were ranked number 2 last year.

Here are the typcial costs of a few common things in Oslo:

Movie ticket: $12.84

Quick lunch: $32.65

Washing Machine: $808.01

Kilo of rice: $4.40

Can of soda: $2.07

Luanda, Angola was ranked number one this year (as well as in 2008), with the average quick lunch costing a whopping $57.92. Cities in Japan made up for 2-5, and Copenhagen, Denmark was number 6 (Quick lunch: $28.71). Stavanger ranked number 13, with the average quick lunch coming in at $29.83. Helsinki, Finland was number 14. Manhattan, N.Y. was the first U.S. city on the list, ranking number 17 (last year it ranked 84), with a typical quick lunch costing about $18.61.

To read all of the ranking go to Business Week.

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