OSCE to observe Norwegian elections

All parties with which the OSCE met during their visit to Norway in June this year express strong confidence in the administrative conduct of the elections. The OSCE’s report from their visit has now been published. They wish to send a group of observers to Norway to observe the run-up to the election and the actual conduct of the election on election day.

”We’re pleased that everyone they met expressed strong confidence in our electoral system and the administrative conduct of elections in Norway,” says Magnhild Meltveit Kleppa, Minister of Local Government and Regional Development. ”I am also very glad that all parties concerned are positively inclined to the OSCE observing the actual election on 14 September. This will ensure that the election processes are transparent, which is essential for maintaining confidence.”

At the invitation of the Norwegian Government, the OSCE conducted a Needs Assessment Mission (NAM) in Norway from June 22 -25 this year. During their visit they had meetings with the electoral authorities at both central government and local level, in addition to meetings with parties represented in the Storting, commercial and professional bodies, the media etc.

In OSCE’s report, it is mentioned that Norway may benefit from a closer review of issues such as legal right of appeal, ban on political advertising on television, the obligation to accept nomination, candidates’ participation in electoral committees and non-proportional representation.

”These topics are the subject of continuous political debate here in Norway, and I believe it will be very interesting to receive input and viewpoints from the OSCE,” says the Minister. ”It is important that the electoral system in a democracy is subjected to continuous evaluation and development. This is essential in a living democracy”.

The OSCE’s report is published here (pdf). More information about the OSCE’s election observation is to be found on their website.

The Ministry has published a separate information website on electoral observation on the election porta: Stemmingsrapport.no

Source: Government.no

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