Ordinary income halved – Income statistics for limited companies, 2008

In 2008, ordinary income decreased by over 50 per cent from the previous year to NOK 59 billion.

Negative ordinary income increased twofold from 2007 to NOK 133 billion, mainly because entrepreneurial deficit rose by NOK 98 billion. In contrast, positive and taxable ordinary income increased by NOK 4 billion to NOK 193 billion.

Private and public owned limited companies

Limited companies in which the state is the majority shareholder accounted for the increase. Positive ordinary income went up by NOK 8 billion to NOK 27 billion in 2008. By comparison, private owned limited companies had NOK 165 billion in positive and taxable ordinary income, which was NOK 4 billion less than in 2007.

Depreciable assets

In 2008, the fiscal value of fixed assets increased by almost NOK 87 billion from the opening balance to the closing balance. Most of this increase came from the depreciation group of commercial buildings and depreciation group of buildings and installations, with NOK 44 billion and NOK 23 billion respectively. The depreciation group of passenger cars, tractors and machinery had an increase of NOK 15 billion from the opening to the closing balance in 2008; the same level as the previous year.

Source: Statistics Norway

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