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This station takes Norwegian music seriously

Photo courtesy of Ordentlig Radio Ordentlig Radio Staff Trine Rein, Kaia Huuse, Aslag Haugen, Jan Eggum, Tor Andersen, and Frode Alnæs whisper fresh Norwegian music into your ears 24/7—and it’s free.

Photo courtesy of Ordentlig Radio
Ordentlig Radio’s Tor Andersen (holding the radio) is joined by famous Norwegian solo artists Trina Rein, Kaia Huuse, and Jan Eggum, as well as Hellbillies frontman Aslag Haugen and Frode Alnæs of Dance With A Stranger. The station whispers fresh Norwegian music into your ears 24/7—and it’s free.

Leslee Lane Hoyum
Rockford, Minn.

Norwegian music has experienced an enormous surge in popularity and proliferation in recent years. Never before have so many Norwegian artists succeeded in so many international markets. They easily compete with international artists. Ordentlig Radio (Proper Radio) brings Norway’s talent to you.

After 17 years with P4, Norway’s leading private radio station, broadcaster Tor Andersen left to begin Ordentlig Radio, a station dedicated exclusively to Norwegian music and artists. Andersen is well known throughout Norway and a former “Best Radio Host” and “Radio Name of the Year” honoree. He is determined to bring the superabundance of Norwegian music and talent to listeners around the world.

Andersen’s vision may seem quite odd to many folks. After all, don’t Norwegian radio stations play Norwegian music? Yes and no. Many stations choose to highlight international stars and set aside much of Norway’s homegrown talent. However, on Ordentlig Radio even the least-known Norwegian artist can find airtime.

Ordentlig Radio also is unique in that it produces TV programs, most recently six hour-long episodes of “The Songwriter” for NRK1 (Norwegian Broadcasting System) that featured interviews of Norwegian songwriters and performances of their compositions. It also provides Norwegian music through one-hour programs streamed on Tidal and Spotify.

So, how do you enjoy Ordentlig Radio? By going to www.ordentligradio.no or installing the ordentligradio app for iPhones and Androids at the App Store. Both are free.

Leslee Lane Hoyum has been a reporter for versions of this newspaper since 2002. An honorary citizen of Sarpsborg, Norway, she does PR for that city’s millennium committee. Leslee is or has been involved with almost every Norwegian-American organization, including Sons of Norway, Sons of Norway Foundation, Ski For Light, NAHA, Leif Eriksson International Festival, and Mindekirken. Leslee is a co-founder of Lakselaget and a founding member of Norway House, and has been decorated by His Majesty King Harald with the St. Olav Medal. She currently lives in Rockford, Minn., with husband George.

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