Operational Command moves to the Arctic


 Reitan, Bodø. Photo: Dan Henrik Klausen/NRK

Reitan, Bodø. Photo: Dan Henrik Klausen/NRK


August 1 2009 the Norwegian Operational Command Headquarters opens in Reitan outside Bodø, thus making Norway the first country to move its military command leadership to the Arctic.

By The Barents Observer

Operational command is currently located in Stavanger in the southern parts of Norway, with a subordinated Regional Command in Northern Norway in Bodø. Last year the Norwegian Government and Parliament decided to bring together the operational command at one headquarters in the north, at Reitan.

The move is in line with the Government’s increased focus on the northern regions. With the new location above the Arctic Circle, Norway’s supreme operational command will get first hand contact with all questions concerning the High North. A deeper understanding of stakeholders, activities and development trends in the High North is a key to success when it comes to protecting national interests in the region.

The relocation process is at schedule and the plan is that Reitan takes over operational command from August 1, the Norwegian Defence writes on its web site.

Major General Bernt Brovold is appointed Lieutenant General and Chief of Operational Command Head Quarters by the King Harald in Council last Friday, Mil.no writes. He held post as Chief of Staff of the Home Guard and takes over the post after Lieutenant General Harald Sunde, how was appointed Chief of Defence, as BarentsObserver reported.

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