One killed when Russian trawler sinks off north Norway


Trawler Koralnes. Photo:

Trawler Koralnes. Photo:

A Russian trawler sank off northern Norway early Friday April 24, 16 crew member were rescued, but killing one was killed Norwegian authorities said.

The Koralnes went down about 80 miles (130 kilometers) from the coastal city of Tromsø, the Norwegian Rescue Coordination Center said. Center spokeswoman Irene Skaue said two crew members were picked up by helicopters, one of whom died. Fifteen others were rescued from life rafts. All were Russian citizens.

“As far as we know they are in relatively good shape,” Skaue said of the survivors.

The small trawler sent out a distress call at about 6 a.m. (0400 GMT) and went down shortly afterward, the center said. There were strong winds in the area, but officials said conditions did not hamper the rescue.

The cause of the accident has yet to be determined. Russian Federal Fishing Agency spokesman Alexander Saveliev said in televised remarks the ship was “very old” and not equipped with watertight bulkheads.

Source: Associated Press

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