One in five first-time hunters was a woman

WomenHunterA total of 196,500 persons paid the hunting license fee for the hunting year 2009/2010. This is 200 more than the year before. Twenty per cent of the first-time hunters were women.

Of the 196,300 hunters paying the license fee, 193,400 persons lived in Norway and 3,100 lived abroad. A total of 13,400 of the 193,400 hunters living in Norway were women. For Norway as a whole, 9 per cent of the male population paid the hunting license fee for 2009/2010.

More hunters passed the hunting test

All first-time hunters have to pass a hunting test before they start hunting. A total of 13,200 persons passed the hunting test in the hunting year 2009/2010. Women accounted for 20 per cent of these.

7 in 10 foreign hunters are Nordic

A total of 3,100 hunters resident abroad paid a hunting license fee to Norway; 670 of these were Norwegians living abroad. Seventy per cent of the foreign hunters came from other Nordic countries. Forty-one per cent of the foreign hunters were from Denmark, 25 per cent were from Sweden and 14 per cent were from Germany.

A total of 436,900 persons are registered in the official Register of hunters, 6,600 of which are foreign nationals.

Source: Statistics Norway

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