Olmert et al may face arrest in Norway

Israel's former prime minister Ehud Olmert (right). Photo: www.presstv.ir.

Six Norwegian lawyers are seeking to file a lawsuit against former Israeli Premier Ehud Olmert and other Israeli officials over the Gaza war. 

The lawsuit which will be filed with the Norwegian chief prosecutor on Wednesday, will call for the arrest and extradition of Olmert, Kadima leader and ex-foreign minister Tzipi Livni, Defense Minister Ehud Barak and seven Israeli commanders, AFP reported. 

The lawyers accused the Israeli officials of committing war crimes in the Gaza Strip and Norwegian courts are obliged to hear cases involving such crimes. 

In a statement, the lawyers said the officials launched “massive terrorist attacks” during the war which led to the killing of civilians. 

“There can be no doubt that these subjects knew about, ordered or approved the actions in Gaza and that they had considered the consequences of these actions,” the statement read. 

“It [the case] involves three people of Palestinian origin living in Norway and 20 families who lost loved ones or property during the attack,” one of the lawyers, Kjell Brygfjeld, told AFP.

Israel launched its offensive against the Gaza Strip last December. Some 1,300 Palestinians including women and children were killed in the 22-day military operation and thousands of others wounded. 

Source: Presstv.ir

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