NYC-JC celebrates in style

From left: Dean Erik Andersen, Jarl Haugedal, Jonny Nymoen, Hanne Krogh and Terje Schrøder. Photo and text by Berit Hessen.

Jarl Haugedal hosts NYC-JC opening party in Jersey City with special guests Hanne Krogh and the Great Garlic Girls on Sept. 12.

“Welcome to NYC-JC’s official opening party,” said host Jarl Haugedal as he greeted guests on a rooftop of a newly opened apartment complex. Jarl, the owner of NYC-JC, has specialized in short term luxury apartment rentals by the Waterfront of Jersey City, directly across the river from Lower Manhattan for two years. In July, Haugedal originally from Kristiansand in southern Norway, opened 20 new apartments in a brand new state-of- the-art building.

“Finally it’s time to celebrate! I’ve been waiting for this evening for a very long time,” said the smiling host to the 250 invited guests. Many came all the way from Norway to be a part of this special event.

Top entertainers from Norway

Norway’s beloved singer Hanne Krogh took the stage with a 20-member choir, from her hometown Haugesund. The choir, that goes by the name “Team Hanne”, recently won TV2’s song contest “Det store korslaget” (The large choir battle) in Norway. It was an unique experience to hear this incredibly talented group in person, especially when we knew people in Norway only had seen them on TV. It was a special treat to hear them perform the beautiful song “You raise me up” (Reis meg opp) in Norwegian. Did you know that this popular song was composed by Rolf Løvland from Kristiansand? When the choir sang “La det svinge” (Let it Swing), Jarl was invited to join the singers on stage. Nobody can forget when this catchy tune (also written by Løvland) helped Hanne Krogh and Elisabeth Andreasson (aka Bobbysocks) win the Eurovision Song Contest in 1985.

The Great Garlic Girls (GGG), an Oslo-based group that have been bringin excitement and laughter to audiences in Norway and abroad for over 25 years, were also in attendance. The renowned Norwegian drag queens: Jonny Nymoen, Terje Schrøder and Dean Erik Andersen, are long time friends of Jarl. The “girls” amused the crowd with their high energy show and added glamour to the event with their dazzling costumes. If you thing drag shows are out of style, think again, this Norwegian trio sure knows how to add style to an event. In 1997, the GGG performed in the Big Apple for three months, and they received raving reviews. The Great Garlic Girls, founded in 1981, proved that they are still going strong with their spectacular extravaganza.

Living the American Dream

Twenty years ago, Jarl left Norway for America. He worked as a tour guide in Florida, San Francisco and Los Angeles, before settling down in New York City. He was working as a concierge to the “rich and famous” at the Four Season Hotel and the Marriott World Trade Center, when he decided to pursue the booming real estate business. He purchased apartments in the up-and-coming Jersey City. Downtown Jersey City, located only five minutes from Wall Street, is known as the fastest growing city center in the U.S. The area is also called “Wall Street West” and “New Hong Kong”.

Jarl was doing well for awhile, but after 9/11 the real estate market took a huge dive, so he was forced to come up with something new. “Instead of selling and buying, I decided to make my units into short term rentals,” Jarl tells the Norwegian American Weekly.

So from just about going flat broke, Jarl today runs a thriving rental business with more than 100 apartments together with Atle Fossdal, also from Kristiansand. Jarl’s upbeat and thoughtful personality has allowed him to be a natural success in the demanding hospitality industry. After witnessing the hotel he was working at get destroyed during the 9/11 terrorists attack, he has come a long way.

We were all delighted to celebrate NYCJC growing success and be a part of this joyful celebration.

This article was originally published in the Norwegian American Weekly on Sept. 18, 2009. For more information about the Weekly, call us at (800) 305-0217 or email

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