Not interested in cutting mail on Saturdays

Norway Mail (Posten) truck

Norway Mail (Posten) truck

“The most important thing for us is to keep the six-day model throughout the country,” says Anne Marit Bjørnflaten of the legislative transportation committee.

Wednesday Posten Norway put out the message that the state will save about 300 million by cutting mail delivery on Saturdays .

Parliament later this year is to look into the Post’s business, and grant a new concession from 2011. Posten Norway, therefore it seems it was appropriate to launch a debate on this now.

The response from the Parliamentary Transport Committee is clear.

“There is no question from the Labour Party to cut out post deliveries on Saturdays. Many around the country get their papers with the Post, both local and national newspapers. It may also, at worst, lead to some local newspapers to be shut down, “said Bjørnflaten.

Post distributes today 12 percent of the Saturday newspapers.

May consider other saving measures

Posten Norway believes there is much money to spare by cutting mail delivery on Saturdays. The reason is that the volume of mail has dropped by 30 percent since 2000.

Bjørnflaten think rather should look at other measures to save money.

“We can of course consider other savings opportunities, among other things, we can see whether we can reduce postal banking services, “said Bjørnflaten.

Do people have to change habits

Executive Director of Posten Norway, Elisabeth Gjølme, wish that the politicians take this discussion now.

In Sweden and Finland do not delivered mail on Saturdays. In Denmark, there has been a proposal to cut out the mail on Mondays, and also in the U.S. is the suggested five-day mail delivery,” said Gjølme.

She agrees that the distribution of newspapers is a challenge, but believes there are solutions.

“We need to find other solutions, but we do not have the answer to what it is yet. People must change their habits and politicians need to discuss this,” Gjølme.

Source: NRK

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