Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) celebrates its centennial with nostalgia and online games

“It was overcast and mild weather on the first day of classes at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. The city was in decorated with all the flags on the top of the 17 May…” the newspapers described the first day of Norway’s University of Science and Technology. NTNU celebrates its centennial with a thorough look back at the past and with the University President Torbjørn Digernes as the hero of the game about the future.

It became crowded at the Royal Residence, where the King once lived, but even more gathered up by the university, where thousands of people gathered.

Although many NTNU students, staff, and faculty have already recognized the centennial anniversary celebration, the official anniversary celebration is presented to the public. On Feb. 19, the computer game “Battle for the Future” will be launched, which is a brand new, custom-developed online game that provides elements of NTNU’s research and history. The plot revolves around the sabotage of NTNU’s laboratories. The hero of the game, President Torbjørn Digernes, takes up the fight against saboteurs. The game is meant to both entertain and disseminate research results from NTNU.

On Sept. 15, 2010, which is the official 100th anniversary of the NTNU, 100 prizes will be handed out to the top 100 finishers of the game.

On Sept. 15, 1910, there were 103 students who were enrolled at NTNU. The king was present, and history tells us that the shops closed at midday, schools were free, and it was a party out in the small hours of the night. The first lecture was held Sept. 19, when Professor Richard Birkeland gave his first lecture in mathematics. Six days later, the students met in the same auditorium to discuss the establishment of a Students’ Society.

The anniversary committee is preparing for the celebration of these events  throughout 2010. NTNU’s history and meaning through knowledge, research and development should be marked in several arenas. There are large and small anniversary events, and the whole topped with a week-long celebration in September. Students have their own anniversary organization “Students’ Centennial Celebration”, which will also be putting their own stamp on the year.

Scientific development and challenge

2010 is the big anniversary year for science in Trondheim: In addition to NTNU’s centennial, Trondheim will also be celebrating Norway’s oldest science company, the Royal Norwegian Society Videskabers (DKNVS), which celebrates 250 years in 2010. The Student Society in Trondheim will also be celebrating its centennial.

On March 12, the Museum of Natural History Museum opens its centennial exhibition. This will be a venue for various activities related to science development in the last 250 years and the future challenges for science.

The official opening of the university hospital, St. Olavs Hospital takes place on June 10-12. The University Hospital’s integrated model of health care research and patient care has already drawn international interest, will present the NTNU’s anniversary presentation.

Secret gift to the city

Moreover, NTNU wants to tell their special story, both in social and political context in the sector. In September, an anniversary book will be published, focusing on the university’s history back to its humble beginnings in 1760.

In June, a gift to the city of Trondheim will be presented to celebrate the university’s anniversary. The gift will be installed at Tordenskiold park in Trondheim, and will be kept secret until the award ceremony.

There are also five anniversary conference, where the theme reflects the NTNU diversity and breadth. Conference topics are: energy and environment, product design, science, history and jazz. The last conference is an anniversary conference theme is the universities’ social responsibility in a globalized world.

Source: NTNU

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