Norwegian Seafood Exports up by NOK 1.9 billion

“Despite a downturn in exports in June, the strong growth in Norwegian seafood exports has continued virtually unabated in the first half-year,” says market director Merete N. Kristiansen from the Norwegian Seafood Export Council. “This year to date has seen growth in a number of seafood product segments and this has contributed to the general growth picture, although Norwegian Salmon remains the strong driving force.”

Following consistent growth during the first five months of the year, exports in June showed a downturn in value of NOK 426 million from June 2010 to a total of NOK 3.8 billion.

Record exports of Norwegian Salmon

The export value of Norwegian Salmon in the first half-year totalled NOK 15 billion, an increase of NOK 1.2 billion or 8.6% compared to the same period last year. This strong figure is despite a fall in exports in June of NOK 326 million. In the first half-year, the average price of whole fresh Norwegian Salmon was NOK 39.08 compared to NOK 36.14 for the same period last year. The average price in June was NOK 32.77. The volume of exports of Norwegian Salmon totalled 362,000 tonnes, compared to 359,000 tonnes in the same period last year. France and Poland are the biggest importers of Norwegian Salmon.

“Norwegian Salmon is sold to over 100 markets and is still achieving good prices,” adds Merete N. Kristiansen. “After three years of continuous growth, June saw a change in price that reflected expectations of a more competitive market in the future, although we can certainly count the first half-year as a whole as yet another strong period for exports of Norwegian Salmon.”

The value of exports of Norwegian Fjord Trout fell in the first half-year by NOK 102 million to a total of NOK 619 million.  The volume of exports fell from 19,000 tonnes to 14,000 tonnes. The biggest markets for Norwegian Fjord Trout were Russia and Japan.

Growth in exports of salted fish

In the first half-year, exports of salted Norwegian Cod increased in value by NOK 147 million to a total of NOK 712 million. This is an increase of 26%, which is attributable to higher prices.

Best half-year for clipfish exports

Exports of clipfish were up in value by NOK 89 million or 6% to a total of NOK 1.6 billion. The volume of exports of clipfish from Norway has never been higher for a first half-year. The growth seen in the first half-year was attributable to good prices for exports of Norwegian Cod clipfish to Portugal.

Exports of fresh Norwegian Cod products also up

For the year to date, the value of exports of fresh Norwegian Cod products totals NOK 793 million. This is an increase of 16%. The biggest growth was in exports to Spain, while the biggest markets for fresh Norwegian Cod are Denmark and France.

Herring and mackerel exports show solid growth

The first six months of the year saw exports of herring increase in value by NOK 328 million or 17% to a total of NOK 2.2 billion. Russia was the biggest single market, with exports valued at NOK 521 million. Exports of mackerel increased in value by NOK 270 million or 55% to NOK 758 million. Russia and China were the biggest markets for mackerel in the first half-year.

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Source: Seafood From Norwayfishingboat

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