Norwegian Police Security act on threats against politicians

The Norwegian Police Security (PST) have found it necessary to visit homes of persons who have made threats on the Internet against politicians. There have recently been concrete threats against government ministers.

PST headquarters. Photo: Hans-Petter Fjeld / Wikipedia.

PST headquarters. Photo: Hans-Petter Fjeld / Wikipedia.

“We have followed up on individuals who have published threats against political leaders. We have visited those behind the threats at home, and talked to them,” says PST information adviser Martin Bernsen to the newspaper VG.

“We do this in order to show that we take the threats they have published seriously. Most are very surprised.” Bernsen says.

He says PST has observed that there is a trend in recent months that the threshold for publishing threats on the Internet has become lower.

PST (Politiets sikkerhetstjeneste) is part of the Norwegian police service and reports directly to the Ministry of Justice. In criminal investigations and prosecution matters, the service are under the authority of the Director General of Public Prosecutions and the Public Prosecutors’ Offices. The agency is responsible for monitoring and securing the interior security in Norway.

Source: Norway Post.

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